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R'n'B Tracks
Gigolos Top Ten
R'n'B Tracks


DJ Ghost Biog


DJ Ghost - himself

GHOST aka Ian has been on the DJ Circuit near on 20 years now. Known as GHOST by night and Ian by day he has always managed to juggle his DJ aspirations with a 9 to 5. GHOST is very sensitive about his name and where it actually came from. He only likes to be called his DJ name when playing a set otherwise he likes to be called Ian !!!

Originally learning his trade back in 1986 when the Hip Hop culture first took of in the UK. GHOST has stuck firmly to his musical roots over the years. He has watched many DJ’s switch to Acid House, Chicago House and Garage, US House, Jungle, UK Garage and so on. His own thoughts are don’t chase the quick buck, love the music first and the rest will follow.

Back in 1986 GHOST then known as DJ Bones teamed up with fellow DJ Nicky G and MC KC doing weekly gigs at the Pioneer Youth Club as well as various House Parties round the area. Now back then House Parties were the Bomb. All night parties, wicked atmosphere, roads blocked of by cars and not one bit of trouble. Sometimes these parties would go on for the whole weekend. GHOST and KC teamed up for about 4 years before KC got the bug to become a DJ himself.

Next up in the late 80’s, early 90’s were the field parties that went on to be better known as Acid Raves. Now GHOST played in one of these near the old Gamebird in Watford. 100,000 people all packed into a field and not a hint of trouble. What a buzz.

The original Mayhem Crew

The next few years were very quite on the DJ front with just bits and pieces here and there. GHOST then teamed up with friends Sparky Melody and Sleepy Ranks and formed a crew known as The Mayhem Crew. Sparky unfortunately left the crew due to personal reasons and was replaced by Tommy Boy. Thus formed the original Mayhem Crew. Plays started to come all round the Country with all the major promoters.


GHOST first real big break came at a night called Getting Fresh in Hitchin, a monthly R’n’B night held at The Hermitage. He secured a residency alongside Trevor Nelson. Jez Welham and Chris Phillips. This night was the biggest R’n’B nite in the country at the time and proved to be a useful stepping stone and eye opener. The crew were regularly playing to up to 2000 people every week at various venues. GHOST secured a residency with TWICE AS NICE over a six month period. Soon after the crew started to play at The Matrix in Reading. There was a new night called Soul Kitchen. It was one of the first nights in the country to have R’n’B in the main arena and UK Garage in room 2. The crew secured a play here every other month.

The Gigolos

Soon after this the crew went there separate ways. GHOST then joined up with GIGOLOS as they seemed to be going in the same direction that he was. Within months GHOST was the only DJ in GIGOLOS and the work was coming in thick and fast. Cyprus was looming and bookings were solid for the summer. GHOST then approached fellow DJ DOUBLE O to see if he wanted to come and play in AYIA NAPA. Hence the forming of the new and super improved GIGOLOS. GHOST and DOUBLE O have taken the DJ art form to a new level. They interact with the crowd. There whole package is about entertainment. Together they have traveled all over Europe and were the first people to put on a dedicated R’n’B Nite in the party capital of Europe, IBIZA.

Over the years they have bonded as business partners as well as good friends. Still, 18 years on GHOST is juggling a 9 to 5 job with his love for the music industry. In recent years the R’n’B scene has grown and opened up to a universal market. GHOST has a great love for the scene but would love a ban on all AV8’s and downloads from the internet. If you have the skills and the music you can do your own AV8 mixes live so stop cheating and creating a false vibe.


Simone, Harley and Farrah ( The Wife & Kids! )

KC 20 years and still strong. Technical Drawing was good for something.
Robbie - Lanceman - Cookie - Ferdie - Crusoe - Suthie - Brooksie - Nicky G - The Twins - Lorna - Nigel - Herbie - Viv - Ivor and all the original Pioneer family. No one could party like us. All the Pussy Patrol from Watford. Sparky - Tommy Boy and Ranks, shame it ended. Big Shaq a true gentleman. Poku - Darren - Carl and all my Street Soldiers. Stevie International Koo and Trevor Sun City.
Bertie B - Stumpy and all the Positive Force Crew. Alison and Alliyah. All my Ireland family Pete - Wee Darren - Jonny Blaze - Jane - Karen

All the people that have supported me over the years and promoters that have given us a chance. My family for putting up with the noise coming from my room and putting up with me crawling in at 5 am. Last but not least the true energy god himself DOUBLE O. The journey has only just begun !!!!


The original Gigolos (Rodney - Brian - Jermaine - Amma). Dr Psycho and all the Surgery family. Jez Welham for giving me my 1st big break. GT Flex and all the family. Ronnie Cool - Tich Mataz and all my Zim family. Affilia Records T - MONEY and GUSTO. Mark Devlin. Mr Burnz and Ricardo J. Firin Squad and ILL. Kidz (Sticky - Simon Sez). Pied Piper a true gentleman. Fergal the No.1 LFC fan
KC - Daz Norman and all the Catch the Feelin family. All the Blitz family
Steve Sutherland - Steve Gordan and all the Tasn family. Jaff at Natural Buzz Promotions. MC Kie and PSG. All the original Peppers family. Confunction and Nick Smood.



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