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Gigolos Top Ten
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Gigolos Gallery of fine performances for 2006

The event photo gallery gives you a taste of the atmosphere the Gigolos have been growing in their arena of rythmn ready for 2008. Being there for the next delivery of the Gigolos crew is just a click away in the Gigolos events page, the next promotion being only a few days away, remember to check the events page for details and flyers .Otherwisde link to an Urban, Hip Hop or RnB promotion near you through the Gigolos own personal selection of fine artistes and promotors in the UK found this site.

- Soul Train - Prague (3rd May 2008) -

- Soul Train - Party in Prague (22nd Spetember 2007) -

- Soul Train (Prague) -

- Bootylicious (Belfast) -

-XL-Lounge (Bedford) -

- Smooth (Derry) -

Revisit this page for updates on the latest R'n'B gig happening in your area. Or view our Archive gallery for some nostalgic moments of 2004/5/6.

Archive Gallery

- The Titanic Boat Party (24th August 2004) -

- Different Strokes with Ment2Excel (29th August 2004) -

- Mario Winans Tour @ Empire Milton Keynes (24th September 2004) -

- Kanye West Tour @ Mission Bedford (26th November 2004) -

- Bac2Bak @ Venom Bar (16th December 2004) -

- Milkshake @ Renshaws hotel (31st December 2004) -

- SoulTrain @ Radost FX Prague (16th February 2005) -

- Ja Rule Tour (25th March 2005) -

- Candy @ Arc - Brighton -

- Peach Fuzz -



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