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Gigolos Top Ten
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Gigolos Crew

The Gigolos have tangled amongst some of the best, most experienced and respected R'n'B artists and promotors in the Urban Events Industry for the past 10 years, adding their spice to promotions (see profile) all over europe.

The Gigolos deliver the highest calibre MC and DJ experience, delicately diced and spliced to create a clubbers classic. The Gigolos will deliver your whole DJ/promotion or slot into your VIP event. You simply cannot bring your club a more positive vibe. Click here to book the Gigolos Crew.


Following years of hard work and dedication Gigolos are still alive and going strong. With Double O based in London and Ghost in Belfast many people thought this would be the end of their partnership. Far from it !!!! Following a rocky period where both guys needed to encounter moves of short and large distances the hunger has returned with vengeance. Music has always been a great bond between these 2 entertainers and their friendship and partnership is built on solid foundations.

DJ Double O

Double O continues to rock the party weather it be on the decks or with his crazy antics on the MIC. Monthly sets at Abacus, London, XL Lounge at APT, Skye in Belfast, Candy in Brighton as well as regular visits to Soultrain in Prague keep the hunger and vibe alive.

DJ Ghost

Ghost has had to adapt his style while holding down his weekly residence in Skye in Belfast on Fridays and Saturdays. Not having his partner Double O there is a great loss. Ghost does get to play with Double O on his regular visits to Belfast and when they link up in Brighton and Prague. The results are Explosive !!!! With R'n'B and Hip Hop now being as commercial as Pop Gigolos maintain their urban roots breaking a lot of new music and many classics from the past.

In their own words ...

In their own words 'it's easy to play an MTV play list set but it does not stretch your musical boundaries. You can always judge a DJ by the depth of his box and we like to think ours are bottomless' .



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